Things to do before leaving Microsoft

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Folks, Can you folks tell me things to do before leaving Microsoft. Here are few things that are on top of my mind 1. Utilize Perks+ 2. 401K max out 3. Bright Horizons backup care hours - Do you know how to benefit from this? May be take tution hours for kids? 4. Backup personal files from "Onedrive -Microsoft" (as you will lose access to 5TB) 5. W2 and Payslip backup 6. Personal profile backup - People talk about managepointhr , i have not gone there recently and don't know a way to go there. How to take backup of your profile? 7. Connects backup 8. Microsoft store - People talk about buying M365 subs, is it worth? 9. Anything else from benefits portal? Insurance? HSA? 10. How about linkedin Premium? I already have one active, wondering if I can buy for next year (as new fiscal year as started) ? 11. How about microsoft alumni network, is it worth $101 per year?

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16 Dec 2022 01:59:07 AM

Nice Job!


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16 Dec 2022 08:47:31 AM

Good. Thanks. Testing Comment 01


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02 Jan 2023 10:28:09 PM

Really that bad?


02 Jan 2023 10:30:27 PM